Sexual Violation – When Good Men (and Women) Do Nothing

As I was reading a lengthy article from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, it became immediately clear that while virtually every crime ‘genre’ outlined in the survey is in decline in our current Australian society, sexual assault is on the increase. This is despite the media-generated smokescreen that women today are in a more empowered position than at any other period in history.

I’m well aware that I enter murky waters here, and there will be many who, with the strength of their objections, would drag me under and have me drowned into silence. So while I don’t exactly fear the subject, I’ll first be tackling it from a feminine, intuitive perspective, a perspective which is not just devalued but wholly rejected in today’s far-from-enlightened world. (But rejecting its validity is no evidence that intuitive information is not, in fact, valid!) I will then go on to examine the data from the relevant research and back up my position with facts that can be denied only by those determined to keep their heads in the proverbial sand. Deductive arguments can and do exist, regardless of the difficulties in assigning causality.

And, despite the aspersions cast on Asian and Middle Eastern nations, particularly in the wake of the recent defilement, rape and death of 23 year old Jyoti Singh Pandey, I am set to argue that the situation is little better here in the west. I also contend that the proliferation of rape and other forms of sexual assault, as well as domestic violence perpetrated upon women, are allowed to flourish because the world population has been ‘shaped’, via simple conditioning, to normalise harmful practices that lead to further and further humiliation and degradation of the female of the species. And when a group is humiliated and degraded, they are dis-empowered; they expect less from life, from themselves and from their partners. They settle for poor treatment because this treatment has been presented to them from the day of their birth as ‘normal’. A lowered self esteem also leads to a group of people who settle for lower paid positions, less pay for the same work, acceptance of the unjustness of being passed over for promotions they know are well deserved, and an under-reporting of sexual harassment and other forms of sexual and physical violation. A people lacking in self worth are essentially voiceless.

It’s a tactic that has been used to demoralise minority groups for millennia, to keep them from rising up and taking their place among the more privileged, dominant society. But women are no minority group. We make up half the population of the world. The other half of the population of the world – men – may seem to be the winners, but the sexual insecurity that lurks within the heart of a majority of women, plays havoc within heterosexual relationships, leaving both parties devoid of the deep spiritual, emotional and physical connections that should form the foundations of a fulfilling and abiding love affair for life.

This short post simply sets the scene for a series of posts that will ensue during the coming weeks. If you find the concept thought-provoking, whether you agree with my initial words or even if they make your hackles rise, I invite you back here to follow me into this dark and winding labyrinth. It is a complex issue and I fully expect a complex set of responses and perspectives.

Love and light.