5 responses to “God help them…

  1. Hello my friend,
    So glad you stopped by my site today. It’s wonderful when we can connect in the huge world of the internet. I have a number of followers/friends who are from down under. I hope you found something interesting to read and will come back soon. I’m following you. Have a great day. M

  2. The blog community has been a huge part of my healing and I’ve been so blessed to find people like you to share the journey with. I’ll come back as often as I can to see how you’re faring. The only difficulty I find with having a number of wonderful connections, is the lack of time in a day to connect with each and every precious one of you. 🙂 Love and light.

  3. Hi Melinda,

    Finances made me move from WA and I’m now hosted by Hostgator.
    The move placed my site into a state of disarray and I am finally getting around to putting it together again.
    Whilst resurrecting the site I read some of your comments and realised we’re “kindered spirits.” Just trying to touch base with you again.
    Hope you’re surviving out there!
    Best Wishes,

  4. Thanks so much for looking me up, Shawn. It’s lovely to be in touch with you and I’m just about to make a cup of tea and have a good read of your site. 🙂 I’ve moved from WA too because of cost and the lack of time to put into all the lessons and website building. So I cruise here on WordPress instead with my two blogs. I haven’t written much on my Musings site for a while but hearing from you has motivated me to get back into it. I’ve been spending more time on my killingmesoftly.co site simply because it seems to genuinely help and be appreciated by so many people. But I miss writing on the deeper things. Love and light. Melinda

  5. My WayofJoyandease is a bit of a shambles at the moment. Changing Webhosts threw me back into the technical morass I first found myself when starting WA, with little time to sort it out! Hostagator currently costing me about $50/yr (for 2 sites) and after 2016 about $90/yr. Unless I can get the commercial side going, I may well also join you, ‘hanging out on WordPress’ (BTW I’ve seen some financially successful sites only using Worpress.)
    I also have another site thedeathniche which I need to “resurrect” (excuse the pun:) It’s not on web at present but most of it backed up on PC. I never really got it going…seemed to gloomy etc but death still strongly drives me Spiritually.
    I’m still trying to master Lucid dreaming! Had 7th about 8 months back but none since. (I’m convinced dreams access something greater)
    Took a look at your killingmesoftly. Looks really deep and useful for people like us. (btw your’e missing the m in .com It only comes up as .co My browser would not allow access until I added the m)
    Will check in now and then. I can only see replies by checking in to your site. Not sure what other way. Best Wishes – Shawn

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