And sometimes life is just fun!

I’ve been holidaying in the Blue Mountains for a week now and have seen some beautiful landscapes, gorgeous gardens and spectacular panoramas. And I’ve loved having the opportunity to see a little bit more of what our wonderful country offers. And also having the time to reflect on life and where to go from here.

And yet, being who I am, the defining moment that utterly lit me up occurred today while doing some tourist shopping in the main street of Katoomba. I saw a white, furry flash in the arms of someone streaking past me on the zebra crossing. No! Couldn’t be, I told myself, probably out loud. But a minute or two later, there it was again, this time on a harness being led by a really eccentric looking old fellow.

What was it, you ask? It was a ferrett, it was a ferret, it was a ferret! I’ve been fascinated by these crazy little creatures for as long as I can remember, a fascination shared by my youngest daughter. There’s even a slightly mad ferret (well, they’re all slightly mad) that features in the novel I’m currently writing. I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t even stop to think. I just blurted out to the poor old fellow, ‘Is that a ferret? Really? We’re not allowed to have them in Queensland. And I love them. I’ve never seen one in real life before. Can I pat him?’ Then I drew breath. I must have sounded like a particularly scatter-brained five-year-old but my mouth engaged before my brain could stop it.

The ferret’s owner looked a bit alarmed but obligingly picked his pink-eyed pet up for me to pat, with the warning, ‘He might nip you.’ Of course, I knew that. That’s what ferrets do. They nip. I once read a line in a blog by a vet (whose name I don’t recall, I’m afraid) that ferrets are like cats on crack. And he really was. He tried to nip me, twisting about like a lunatic but I got a lovely soft pat in anyway, and emerged unscathed.

There’s not much of a moral to this story really. It’s just that it made me so ecstatically happy. I rang everybody at home. ‘I saw a ferret on a harness. I patted him. Ha, ha…I patted a ferret, I patted a ferret!’ You get the picture.

It was an unexpected gift, this explosion of pure joy. Life can be rough. It can be full of hardship and suffering. But sometimes, just sometimes, it can be a blast!

Love and light.


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